A brief respite to recharge the batteries on the NC500

Our Own Little Bit of the NC500
Since purchasing Stoer Bay Chalets in November 2017 we have spent every weekend and  holidays after our Monday to Friday jobs travelling up part of the infamous  NC500 to work on getting each of them ready to greet guests to this stunning area.
After 6 months we are feeling somewhat tired.  Aching in places that we didn’t even know we had places. Out of my many new learnt skills my most useful, must be discovering that I am not to shabby at being a left handed painter. This was after my right hand refused to hold a paint brush anymore without going into cramps.
All 3 of our chalets are now just about ready to face the 2018 summer season. This weekend will see the last of the harder graft. With hopefully only some final snags to tidy up the following weekend and with luck the re cladding of Mijbils porch…..for now anyway. We are  delighted with what we have achieved so far and hope all our guests will be too.

And Relax
So looking forward to going up that road to Stoer Bay and maybe even being able to sit down before midnight and relax for a wee while, I think we have earned it, oh and too never see a paint brush again…ever, or at least not for a wee while  anyway.

NC500 Grand Tour
Talking about Assynt’s breathtaking beauty, did anyone read Jeremy Clarksons post in the Scotsman after the filming of The Grand Tour of the NC 500 last week where he described the Highland as “the most beautiful place on earth”. I for one having lived in the Highlands all my life cannot disagree with him. And on that note………..

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