Stoer, Clachtoll , Drumbeg, Clashnessie, Lochinver and beyond

After a wee break last week it was good to get back to Stoer this week. We even managed to make a start on the exterior recladding of Mijbil we are delighted with.
No photos yet, we will wait for some more to be done first but even the little bit done looks so good. I cant wait for it all to be done, though poor hubby once again with me as his gopher has pretty much got his hands full.

There are so many talented people in and around Stoer, Clachtoll and Lochinver and nearby local crofts and hamlets.  From bike hire, candle making, glassware, Pottery and so much more, as well as massage, tea rooms, so even on a rainy day there is still so much to do. We have asked  local to pop any leaflets into our letter box so hopefully we will have an array of up to date leaflets in 2019 of places that you may want to visit, as well as the mountains, lochs and of course the sea.
We are going on a few night time walks at the moment…not hard at this time of year with the much shorter and busy days. The night sky still takes my breath away every time, with no light pollution for miles.  The stars feel so close and as ever I await seeing the northern lights. Scotland is also one of the few places where the milky way can still be seen and it is truly breath taking. I can sit in front of the chalets wrapped up warm for hours and just stare up at the sky, never growing tired of its immense vastness.
The beauty of this area is that there is something so remote and peaceful to see, feel and soak up all year round, not just through the summer. Our beaches are only the start of the north west of Scotlands beauty and magic.

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