Celebrations & Thanksgivings at Stoer Bay

Looking across Loch an Aigeil to Stoer Bay
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Well, what an ending to a busy week for Assynt crofters trusts celebrations. Feis in the Fank at Stoer Bay was amazing, so glad we managed to shoot up the road on Friday evening, just in time to catch Blazing Fiddles and Skerryvore, not to mention the fabulous duo who entertained everyone in between acts in their wee trailer outside the main tent.
When in the early hours we were all danced out, we were lulled to sleep as the party continued with the music drifting over from Stoer Bay to the chalets and echoing off the cliff wall.
It seems that there was other celebrations going on in Stoer Bay too. With a big birthday being celebrated by one of our guests who had all her family staying with her in the chalets. I cant think of a better setting for celebrations and to cap it all off the lucky lady saw our elusive otter not once or twice but on three separate occasions over their stay.
The excitement of being fully booked for July in all 3 of our chalets, in our first year was a very big thing for us, especially after the hours put in over a long, cold winter. It took us a short while however to suddenly  see a down side to this. We would have no where to stay on change over days and would, horrors of horrors potentially have to come up and down the road from Drumnadrochit on the same day.
Not a huge travelling distance but this area is and always has been in our souls and weekends here were making it easier until the day we will be able to make the move permanently.
So caravan hunting we went and hubby found a bargain, 3 weeks of scrubbing it from ceiling to floor later (hence why it was a bargain),  we now have our own  cosy corner at the back of the chalets, a wee nook to stay in whenever we can get up to Stoer Bay…..and we even figured out how everything works to get it up and running too, though we did think the fridge was a no go, not so great in the heatwave, but google solved that mystery, who knew there was another switch hidden in the depths of a cupboard to switch it on, LOL, cheers google.
Joking aside, one thing we have so far been overwhelmed by is all the support and good wishes we have had from all the locals we have met so far, a few old friends and many new.  Friday night was a great way to meet some more of our new neighbours. Tips and advice from locals also in the hospitality trade have been gratefully received and we appreciate so much the patience in answering our many many newbie questions and the help with fixing a few mechanical issues….one day the ride on mower will go and continue to go through a whole grass cut. At least, with a severe lack of rain so far this year the grass is growing slightly slower than usual.
Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, outdoor, water and nature
The beautiful Stoer Bay

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