Clachtoll & Stoer Bay

Clachtoll always has been a very special place to so many people and one of the many thing we are loving about our chalets is seeing this in all our guests. Some have been visiting the chalets and Clachtoll for many years, in fact in the last few weeks we have had  different families where the 3rd generation is now also visiting for their holidays. With one week 3 generations of one family in all 3 of the chalets. Happy children, parents and grandparents having a ball in and around this beautiful place. Lots of sandy trips to Clachtoll beach and Flossies beach shop and running around the chalet grounds laughing and having fun. We are also seeing new faces to the area, many of whom are all vowing to revisit again as soon as they can. This magical hold must have got both David & myself from a young age from family visits to camping at Clachtoll beach and David s exciting few younger years as a light housekeepers son at Stoerhead lighthouse and now our children are our 3rd generation to continue this love.
Seeing happy children running of to the bay and to Clachtoll beach just around the corner does warm the heart with many happy memories and that’s what we want our chalets to be all about. A place where happy holiday memories are made.


Clachtoll broch at Stoer Bay has once again been in the highlights with more works going on the last few week. Clachtoll broch is one of the most iconic monuments in northern mainland Britain and a Scheduled Ancient Monument and can be seen from our chalets. See the post below for information on guided walks this week. The fantastic thing about a guided walk is the amount of information these guides have to share with you. Always worth
making the time if you can, to participate.
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