Dolphins & Otters

We have had a wee lull in bookings for a weekend, giving us the ideal opportunity to start on the next step of improvements to the chalets. With hubby and his apprentices (myself & Ben) working hard to strip Mijbils old roofing off and the boss assessing any damage, it didnt seem to take too long for the new roof to be in place and looking amazing – quite the feat giving who poor David had working for him! We were so lucky that the weather decided to go all sunny again on the Saturday, not a drop of rain did fall and even the wind dropped to nothing, very handy for when handling big cumbersome sheets of Onduline and attaching them to a roof.

Off with the old

Meanwhile our continued fight with our ride on lawnmower commenced and this weekend was no better. Filled with much delight when it fired up first time , this soon turned to dispair when it quickly became aparent that we had lost all gears. A quick change of a belt which we knew was on the way out sorted this and it fired up, gears worked, chugged to a stop and has refused to go ever since…….all the grass was then strimmed and home mower will be going on a wee trip to Stoer this weekend. I’m afraid we have finally lost all patience with the ride on and it is now been added to the list of  “to do ” winter jobs….only one of a few.

On with the new

The weekend did end on a super high note…not that the mower dampened our joy of the roof work, but after a wee wander along past the broch sitting watching the sun lower in the sky, talking to eldest son on phone, just to check his day doing silly things on a kayak that included lots of white water and waterfalls, had ended with him all in one piece – glad to say it did! We spotted a pod of dolphins playing amongst themselves, so amazing to watch these animals at play. We truly are so lucky to have so many amazing and beautiful sights right on our doorstep.

Oh I almost forgot to show you this

Otters at Stoer bay

Our lovely new sign for the chalets…..doesnt it look amazing!

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