New Kitchens are going in

We have been so busy the last few months catching up with friends and family. Settling eldest into college in Glasgow and having a wee rest from change overs every weekend now that we are in the quieter season. We have also sneaked ourselves out of our wee caravan at the back of the chalets and into a chalet for our winter visits….luxury!

You know this is never an excuse for us to slack off. We have also been busy measuring up for new kitchens for all 3 chalets.
Works have started in Edal. Once again David is working hard with his useless apprentice (Me) at times causing him even more work, ooops.  I’m a dap hand with a paint brush though so my time will come.

Before her new kitchen was started David put in a Solum treatment under her floors.
This helps prevent damage to under floor wood from damp. It also helps warm the chalet as it prevents damp from the ground rising up into the building.
This is a common problem in older buildings where the foundations are built straight onto the ground with no concrete base. As Davids full time trade is as a joiner who specialises in Timber treatments and rot prevention this is a job he was very happy to complete. Mijbil will also be getting this done. Tarka is already on a concrete base so doesnt need this done.

Our lucky New year guests will have a lovely shiny new kitchen to help with their new year celebrations. We will be removing the dining tables that are squeezed into Edal & Mijbil. Replacing the breakfast bar with another but will have it at table height making it easy for all ages to use with dining chairs rather than breakfast bar stools. Tarka will at last be getting a full sized fitted oven. We will also be making more storage space for guests food.

Work has already started at the entrance gate with a new pedestrian gate fitted. When we get time after the kitchen fittings the new gate for vehicles will be fitted. No more funny dances in the winds trying to close two small gates without one of them blowing open again.

We have no photos yet of works in progress so enjoy these lovely views of around the chalets.

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