Snowed out

While the chalets sat in their wee snug corner in Clachtoll where very little snow fell. We sat at home and had none at all  for what felt like the first time all winter. Meanwhile the road in between us was a different story.  They were cleared as far as Ullapool. Beyond that however was completely cut off . The winds causing severe drifting making the road  impossible to clear for several days.
This did  give us a much needed opportunity to get to Inverness and purchase some bits and pieces for the chalets however. Though how we ended up decorating our own bathroom on the Sunday is beyond us. You would off thought we would have relished a break from  painting!
I  have to take my hat off to all the snowplough drivers and crew. We have defiantly had a much harsher winter with snow around far longer than in many years. Any time we have been up and down the road this winter they have been out working, sometimes in impossible conditions to keep the roads clear. We must also thank locals to Clachtoll  for their help, especially the boy who not only towed us up the hill out of Clachtoll one icy Sunday but made sure we got out onto the main road at Lochinver too. Very much appreciated.
I must confess as someone who usually loves any snow I am looking forward to Spring this year. The signs are here. Its on its way. All the daffodils in the chalet grounds are popping up as well as crocuses and snowdrops making their appearences too. Not be long now…I hope!

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