spring is in the Assynt air

Spring is in the assynt air. Whilst we have been busy with meeting and greeting all our new guests. Making sure the chalets are welcoming and ready for their arrival. Nature has also been busy making around them beautiful.Image may contain: plant, outdoor, nature and water
With the cliff side all covered in primroses and bluebells competing with wild garlic and Iris along the bottom. It’s really a lovely sight to see.
The waterbirds have been busy too. Two sets of geese families and a family of ducks all proudly being parading around and on the Loch.Image may contain: bird, sky, outdoor, water and nature

Theres been a family of Otters spotted in the bay – BY ME -still smiling! As well as a couple spotted on the same night. One in the loch and the other in the bay.

The weasel always seems to be alone but has been giving a poor wagtail family a bit of a hard time. Sadly it may have got a chick. We are not sure if its feeding young itself or not though.
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The crofters are all finished lambing now. We did have one wee lamb abandoned near the chalets. A quick phone call brought a local crofter to the rescue. It now has a foster mum. Both are doing fantastic.
Sadly there was trouble during the lambing with some dogs clearly out of their owners control. This led to the death of at least two sheep in the Stoer area. So please always make sure you are always in control of your dog. Crofters are within their rights to shoot any dog worrying their livestock.

Another new sound just now is the cuckoo. Who always reminds me of waking up snuggling in bed as a child. In the early summer, with the light mornings and a day waiting to be explored. So happy memories from cuckoos. Though they may not be the most pleasant of birds. Something else I didnt know till years later that makes me give a wee smile. Whilst I  in one room listening and loving the cuckoo my father was next door swearing to shoot the bloomin noisy thing out the trees.

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spot the otters

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