Summer Sun

The summer sun seems to be hiding from most of Britain so far this year.

However the North West Coast of Scotland has suprisingly seen some of Scotlands best weather so far. Last weekend especially, was a scorcher.

Though slightly disconcerting that Davids shadow is headless, look at that washing blowing dry in beautiful sunshine. This may not impress some of you. Other’s I know will feel my delight in this sight. Four loads of washing all dried in an afternoon.
Cant beat a bit of sunshine and a west coast breeze. Helps keep the midgies away too.

Image may contain: 1 person, grass and outdoor                         All the grass cut and pot plants watered. And time for a well deserved cuppa.

Many of our guests will say they don’t come to the Scottish highlands for the weather.
This maybe true and it is our high rainfall that helps sculpt our landscape and make it so green and beautiful but hey we all love a bit of sunshine. It certainly lifts the spirits and gives a feel good factor. Look at that blue sky.
Mijbil & Edal are even reflecting in the water.


In anticipation of the Summer sun we have also bought some BBQ stands, suitable for all sizes of portable BBQ’S to sit in to protect our grass and picnic tables from scorch and burn marks and also making it easier to reach your BBQ. Hopefully the sun will continue to shine and they will see lots of use. Sadly the food does not come included.
Our 3 wee geese families are enjoying the sunshine too and the short grass around the chalets. The goslings looking like gangly prehistoric teenagers always under mum & dads protective gaze. Getting quite used to the guests wandering about and being of no threat them as they just wander back towards the loch if feeling you maybe just a little to close for comfort.

Now lets hope that with all this talk of West is best I haven’t tempted the fates and the Wet west lives up to its reputation – it is why we are so beautiful though.


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