Memories and happy days Past and Present at Clachtoll & Stoer

Our old faithful car that over the last many many years has happily travelled up and down the road to Clachtoll, never giving us any bother, for happy family camping trips over weekends and summer holidays, including one very  memorable occasion when our tent was the last one standing. Our trusty car came to the rescue. Not only because the tents guy ropes were tied to it but because it was our safe refuge through the night when we thought, this time our tent was defiantly heading for the Minch. Boys fast asleep on the back floor of the car oblivious whilst parents sat and chewed their fingernails…oh and the pet hamster running round its wheel like a mad thing.
This car has withstood everything that our family has thrown at it, in it and on it! Logs for the winter fires, numerous children, friends & family members, bikes, kayaks, canoes, tents.  It even has a lovely horse shoe shaped scrape on the front bumber after  a wild horse at a wild life park though it maybe a good idea to try and get onto the bonnet!
Sadly her last trip, ironically, was this week from Clachtoll. Laden with old metal shower units, many many rusted scaffolding poles and other metal bits and pieces from around the chalets (she was a big car), she struggled homeward bound one last time, almost not making it.  After a pit stop in Ullapool to literally cool down and let of some steam ,we limped back towards Drumnadrochit.
So many happy memories of  (mostly) sunny holidays and weekend breaks, many spent at Clachtoll and surrounding areas including the ones featured on our facebook and instagram pages this week of one of our several walks over the years to the fascinating Bone caves near Inchnadamph. Aren’t those boys so wee and cute? Teenagers now all big and cheeky!


Bones caves near Inchnadamph

Our memories of Clachtoll now all intertwined in our lives forever and continue to be made now with new adventures still happening. A pipe dream we were never sure would become reality!

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