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A Family working together

After missing last week it was good to be back to Stoer Bay chalets @ Clachtoll. Catching up on some work. Things are starting to come together. We are very excited about our first season at Stoer Bay Chalets. Looking forward to meeting new people through the chalets and making some new friends too.
Though the snow banks at the side of the road still very much in evidence, even two week after the snow fall. Showing just how high the drifting must have been.With snow still evident in the mountains too. Though the mountains do look pretty magnificent all year round there something magical about snow on the mountain tops.
Edal’s interiors are shaping up. The lovely new wet wall, flooring, shower and shower unit in the shower room making it look very smart. The outside of the porch has all been re clad and looking very spruce. All we are waiting for are 2 new double glazed bedroom windows to arrive and she will be all set for the season.
Meanwhile we have just started giving her twin chalet Mijbil next door exactly the same TLC . With both also having all rooms freshly painted throughout and some recarpeting and new soft furnishings. Its great to see everything coming together.
In the meantime our youngest son was even in on the act and enjoying the lovely warm weather. He gave the store shed a much needed  coat of stain. Though only 14yrs old (though quick to remind us, nearly 15), it can be very handy the youngest being the tallest in the family. At just under 6 feet he can reach places that the rest of us would need a ladder for! I’m sure he will appreciate it one day?!

Snowed out

While the chalets sat in their wee snug corner in Clachtoll where very little snow fell. We sat at home and had none at all  for what felt like the first time all winter. Meanwhile the road in between us was a different story.  They were cleared as far as Ullapool. Beyond that however was completely cut off . The winds causing severe drifting making the road  impossible to clear for several days.
This did  give us a much needed opportunity to get to Inverness and purchase some bits and pieces for the chalets however. Though how we ended up decorating our own bathroom on the Sunday is beyond us. You would off thought we would have relished a break from  painting!
I  have to take my hat off to all the snowplough drivers and crew. We have defiantly had a much harsher winter with snow around far longer than in many years. Any time we have been up and down the road this winter they have been out working, sometimes in impossible conditions to keep the roads clear. We must also thank locals to Clachtoll  for their help, especially the boy who not only towed us up the hill out of Clachtoll one icy Sunday but made sure we got out onto the main road at Lochinver too. Very much appreciated.
I must confess as someone who usually loves any snow I am looking forward to Spring this year. The signs are here. Its on its way. All the daffodils in the chalet grounds are popping up as well as crocuses and snowdrops making their appearences too. Not be long now…I hope!

Chalets Upgrade Progress

At Stoer Bay Chalets we are  busy preparing  for our first guests arriving. Its hard not to be too distracted by the stunning views, when  all we have to do is look out of a  chalet window over the beautiful Loch an Aigeil.  It is  easy to forget we are meant to be working.

The chalets interiors are starting to look very smart and homely with some new soft furnishings and upgrades throughout. We hope to have some photos of them  on the website very soon, so please come back and check them out.

First Blog Post

Welcome to Stoer Bay Chalets new website. Please have a look around and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.