Self catering accomodation Assynt north west Scotland.

the Beautiful Stoer Bay

Going into our 3rd year with our self catering accomodation based in Assynt north west Scotland.
This winters project as already mentioned in a previous blog, is installing new kitchens and aren’t we glad. As on the whole its been a pretty wet and windy winter.
So glad that the winters jobs are inside this year. Last winters recladding would have been a misery to do in the last few months weather.
Fingers crossed the snow will come soon. There is nothing as stunning as the sun hitting snowy hilltops and glistening icicles.
So back to our refurbs.
Whilst putting in our new kitchens we are also, just whilst we are at it. Changing all the ceiling light fittings and putting in Led lighting. Tarkas has also been fitted with a new double glazed kitchen window. We have also just ordered a new bathroom window for her too which we will get fitted inbetween Mijbils kitchen fitting. rying to do all we can to reduce our energy use and reduce our carbon footprint.
Mijbils bathroom floor had a little damage to it last year so this has now been replaced with a lovely washed wood effect laminate. Looks very beachy. Perfect when you think of all the stunning beaches in the area. Stoer Bay (of course), Clachtoll, Clashnessie and Achmelvich just to name 4. Three of these all in walking distance. We are so lucky.

2020 chalet holidays north west coast Scotland.

We are  so excited by everyone eagerness to secure their 2020 holidays in our beautiful north west coast chalets in Stoer Bay.
As we continue with our new kitchen fittings, which so far are going great we are looking ahead into our third season.
The feed back we have been recieving has been amazing. The bookings already made for next year must be our biggest compliment that people are  happy in Stoer Bay chalets.
This means so much to us and makes all our hard work worth every moment.
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A few wee comments left for us after guests have stayed at the chalets.

Our chalets are also becoming very popular for larger gatherings. With family’s and friends booking all three chalets for reunions and family celebrations. What a fantastic idea. With hill, lowland and beach walks. There is something for all abilities and lazy evening wanders.
Staying in the chalet grounds is also becoming popular with brown trout fishing in the loch in front of our chalets. (There are lots of trout fishing lochs sprinkled all over Assynt with permits very reasonably priced.) There are many different birds on the loch and around the chalets. Our new bird tables make some of these feathered friends easier to spot. If you are as lucky as many of this years guests you hopefully will  spy our local otters swimming in the loch or at Stoer Bay just across the road from our chalets.

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Herons are often spotted at our loch as is this wee fellow, a wee stoat.

There is plenty of history to find close by too. Across at the Bay we have Clachtoll Broch (an iron-age defensive tower) which has recently had lots of archelogy digs carried out with many interesting finds. For more information on this, just google Clachtoll Broch and you will be inundated with pages with information on all the finds and insights. Take a walk from there along the coast line to Clachtoll beach and you will pass a  section of wet grassland which is formed into little terraces. These are lazybeds, remains of old cultivation for vegetables  Carry on through to the monument  to the Revd Norman MacLeod, a locally-born minister who led his people first to Nova Scotia and then to New Zealand. Its also worth visiting the former salmon-fishing bothy. The poles outside were erected for drying the drag-nets used to catch the fish. The bothy has information displays inside.
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The Beautiful Clachtoll beach

New Kitchens are going in

We have been so busy the last few months catching up with friends and family. Settling eldest into college in Glasgow and having a wee rest from change overs every weekend now that we are in the quieter season. We have also sneaked ourselves out of our wee caravan at the back of the chalets and into a chalet for our winter visits….luxury!

You know this is never an excuse for us to slack off. We have also been busy measuring up for new kitchens for all 3 chalets.
Works have started in Edal. Once again David is working hard with his useless apprentice (Me) at times causing him even more work, ooops.  I’m a dap hand with a paint brush though so my time will come.

Before her new kitchen was started David put in a Solum treatment under her floors.
This helps prevent damage to under floor wood from damp. It also helps warm the chalet as it prevents damp from the ground rising up into the building.
This is a common problem in older buildings where the foundations are built straight onto the ground with no concrete base. As Davids full time trade is as a joiner who specialises in Timber treatments and rot prevention this is a job he was very happy to complete. Mijbil will also be getting this done. Tarka is already on a concrete base so doesnt need this done.

Our lucky New year guests will have a lovely shiny new kitchen to help with their new year celebrations. We will be removing the dining tables that are squeezed into Edal & Mijbil. Replacing the breakfast bar with another but will have it at table height making it easy for all ages to use with dining chairs rather than breakfast bar stools. Tarka will at last be getting a full sized fitted oven. We will also be making more storage space for guests food.

Work has already started at the entrance gate with a new pedestrian gate fitted. When we get time after the kitchen fittings the new gate for vehicles will be fitted. No more funny dances in the winds trying to close two small gates without one of them blowing open again.

We have no photos yet of works in progress so enjoy these lovely views of around the chalets.

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Growing up to Fast

Its been a while since I’ve made it this far and even had a chance to sit down and think about writing a wee blog. So excuse my rambling, my brain is feeling a little fried.

The main cause of this having absolutely nothing to do with the chalets but everything to do with my two growing sons. I had this idea that as they grew older and more independant that my work as a mum would take a back seat.
How wrong was I!
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No one told me the stress of having a child who can now drive. Oh how I wish a little tykes car would still satisfy. This together with the child in particular starting college in Glasgow and heading of down on his own bearly knowing what a roundabout is never mind roads with more than two lanes and all  other matters of other things.

His tongue in cheek comment of so many people making strange gestures and faces at him made me think of people navigating our small roads and how strange and scary they probably feel to city folk.

He is also about to embark on his first solo foreign (working) holiday abroad and if he makes it to the airport let alone an airoplane I will be amazed.

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Meanwhile little, or not so little brother( considering he towers over the rest of us). Has sadly once again made his annual visit to A& E. One year, just one year without having this would be lovely. You would think that after 16 years he would have learnt to be a bit more careful. His mountain bike he worked all the hours over the summer holidaysfor is now sitting  gathering dust whilst he recovers from a football injury.

I am a very proud mum though and delighted with where both my boys are at the moment. how far they have come and the exciting plans that they both have for their futures.

I’m certain in my thinking that part of their love for adventure and the outdoors has to be put down to a childhood of holidays in the amazing place that is Assynt.

Rock clambering

Cuilkein natural arch

Its been a few weeks since I’ve had a chance to come on here and do my wee blog.

I’m sitting watching a rather wet view from my sitting room window. Thankfully nothing like the flash flooding and thunder storms at the beginning of the week. Its hard to believe that last Sunday was such a beautiful hot sunny day. Spent clambering and exploring around the cave and rock arch at Cuilkein Stoer.

Another viewpoint of the arch

Looking out the sea cave

This beautiful wee spot is just a 5 minute drive from the chalets and is also another access point along the coast to The Old Man of Stoer.
We often would come round here when our boys were younger but like most mum’s kept them well back from the edges. So with them absent, though  indefinatly they are both doing things much more foolhardy with either whitewater kayaks and/or mountain bikes involved, we parents took ourselfs on our own little, much more sedate adventure.
Finding a cave that we didn’t know was even there was an extra bonus and as always ending up just sitting on the rocks watching the sea birds annd waves and relaxing before the start of another busy week.

The other Old man of  Stoer aka Mr Mac


Assynt crofters raising funds for MacMillan cancer support

Had a lovely time last weekend on  Stoer Bay green. The Assynt crofters were holding a fun sheep day event. This was raising funds for MacMillan cancer support. This is such a special support group which helps and supports so many families whos lifes have been or are being struck by this horrible disease.

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The event however was fun. Enjoyed having a wee look at all the different sheep on display as well as afew goats and chickens. I must confess, I do not know much about sheep. I do however have a very large soft spot for goats.  As a childhood with them, for my parents with 5 children a on tap a steady milk supply and for us children some very loving pets….except for the Billy, who was as tempramental as anything could possibly be. And a great escape artist. Despite drinking goats milk from a young age it was never my favourite. I did however love milking them and escaping into my own world of peace and calm for a brief spell.
Back to Stoer Bay. There was  sheep shearing and milking displays. Though I didnt have a shot, it looks much harder than milking a goat!
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Inside the big tent there was local wool crafters looming and wool dyeing as well as an amazing raffle and information on all the Assynt crofters, a great read.
So now full of all this information  I live in hope to find a raffle prize waiting for me when I go up on Friday.

Well done to everyone involved in organising and running this event.
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Stoer Bay Chalets

Well, we are now truly well into our second summer season at Stoer Bay Chalets. Its lovely meeting old friends and making new ones. Despite some weeks not having such great weather our stunning scenery has still helped towards our guests having wonderful  holidays. Its our rain that makes our country so beautiful and awesome. Don’t ever let it stop you having the time of your life. And Stoer Bay otters seem to be putting on a magnificant show this year with sightings almost every week. Including right on the shoreline in front of the chalets.
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Becoming owners of a self catering business was never something that we had even considered. This was before we fell in love with Stoer Bay Chalets, though at times (like all things in life) it can be a bit of a juggling act. We have never once had any regrets on our new career path, and still so look forward to the day when we are able to make Stoer Bay Chalets our full time home and business.
For now we are content with how it is at the moment and with our children next life adventures, one who is tentively finding his feet out of full time education and about to start another exciting chapter in his life as an adult and little brother only a couple of years behind and reaching for his own goals, life is certainly never dull….or quiet.
Lifes chapters certainly make a good story so far, heres hoping the adventures keep coming.
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Holiday Time

Holiday Time
The midsummer weekend must have been the most beautiful weather wise so far this year. A wee wander up to Stoerheadlight house on the longest night may not have yielded the sunset we had hoped for but beautiful skies non the less.

Saurday after change overs and meeting all our lovely new guests we chilled out at Stoer Bay. Watched a seal playing around and the sun slowly setting.
Image may contain: shoes, sky, outdoor, nature and water    Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, outdoor, nature and water    Image may contain: cloud, ocean, sky, outdoor, nature and water
Sunday, though we usually find something to potter at was even more chilled. The afternoon spent lazing , reading and dare I say snoozing in the sun. A completly layed back weekend before the summer holidays kick off.  We will then have little time for a short whilst to have many  lazy days. We always have lazy evenings though. Thats what sunsets are there for, to sit back and soak up. The componsation is meeting so many new people who come to holiday in this amazing place. Happy holidays everyone…lets hope this weather continues and great fun, adventures and laughter is had by all.

Summer Sun

The summer sun seems to be hiding from most of Britain so far this year.

However the North West Coast of Scotland has suprisingly seen some of Scotlands best weather so far. Last weekend especially, was a scorcher.

Though slightly disconcerting that Davids shadow is headless, look at that washing blowing dry in beautiful sunshine. This may not impress some of you. Other’s I know will feel my delight in this sight. Four loads of washing all dried in an afternoon.
Cant beat a bit of sunshine and a west coast breeze. Helps keep the midgies away too.

Image may contain: 1 person, grass and outdoor                         All the grass cut and pot plants watered. And time for a well deserved cuppa.

Many of our guests will say they don’t come to the Scottish highlands for the weather.
This maybe true and it is our high rainfall that helps sculpt our landscape and make it so green and beautiful but hey we all love a bit of sunshine. It certainly lifts the spirits and gives a feel good factor. Look at that blue sky.
Mijbil & Edal are even reflecting in the water.


In anticipation of the Summer sun we have also bought some BBQ stands, suitable for all sizes of portable BBQ’S to sit in to protect our grass and picnic tables from scorch and burn marks and also making it easier to reach your BBQ. Hopefully the sun will continue to shine and they will see lots of use. Sadly the food does not come included.
Our 3 wee geese families are enjoying the sunshine too and the short grass around the chalets. The goslings looking like gangly prehistoric teenagers always under mum & dads protective gaze. Getting quite used to the guests wandering about and being of no threat them as they just wander back towards the loch if feeling you maybe just a little to close for comfort.

Now lets hope that with all this talk of West is best I haven’t tempted the fates and the Wet west lives up to its reputation – it is why we are so beautiful though.


Stroll through long summer days

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Balchladich Bay

Loving the long summer days, perfect for an evening stroll. With sunset happening after 10p.m and daylight till after 11p.m. Its also a good reason to get hubby out for a bit more than his usual evening stroll. His strolls have slowly been getting longer and longer. The benefits of so much stunning scenery and hidden corners to explore.
Last weekends walk started as a stroll up past Stoer. Continued to Stoer school where we to a left to Balchladich Bay. A beautiful very much overlooked beach. On the the wee loop road that continues on till it meets the road to Stoerhead lighthouse.
From the bay we headed back to the chalets along the cliffs. So much going on just now. It is amazing seeing all the young cormorants. Not quite yet making the step to fly of their precarious perches but looking like it might not be too long. The gulls also nesting though the crows trying their best to get past the patroling parents to the young gulls.               Image may contain: outdoor            No photo description available.
With many photo stops and stops just to sit and soak in the views, sunsets and just to count our blessing. The “stroll” took the best part of 2 hours. It could of course be done a lot quicker….or slower depending on your mood.       Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor, nature and water
Image may contain: sky, ocean, cloud, outdoor, nature and water                    Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, outdoor, nature and water