Rock clambering

Cuilkein natural arch

Its been a few weeks since I’ve had a chance to come on here and do my wee blog.

I’m sitting watching a rather wet view from my sitting room window. Thankfully nothing like the flash flooding and thunder storms at the beginning of the week. Its hard to believe that last Sunday was such a beautiful hot sunny day. Spent clambering and exploring around the cave and rock arch at Cuilkein Stoer.

Another viewpoint of the arch

Looking out the sea cave

This beautiful wee spot is just a 5 minute drive from the chalets and is also another access point along the coast to The Old Man of Stoer.
We often would come round here when our boys were younger but like most mum’s kept them well back from the edges. So with them absent, though  indefinatly they are both doing things much more foolhardy with either whitewater kayaks and/or mountain bikes involved, we parents took ourselfs on our own little, much more sedate adventure.
Finding a cave that we didn’t know was even there was an extra bonus and as always ending up just sitting on the rocks watching the sea birds annd waves and relaxing before the start of another busy week.

The other Old man of  Stoer aka Mr Mac


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