Growing up to Fast

Its been a while since I’ve made it this far and even had a chance to sit down and think about writing a wee blog. So excuse my rambling, my brain is feeling a little fried.

The main cause of this having absolutely nothing to do with the chalets but everything to do with my two growing sons. I had this idea that as they grew older and more independant that my work as a mum would take a back seat.
How wrong was I!
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No one told me the stress of having a child who can now drive. Oh how I wish a little tykes car would still satisfy. This together with the child in particular starting college in Glasgow and heading of down on his own bearly knowing what a roundabout is never mind roads with more than two lanes and all  other matters of other things.

His tongue in cheek comment of so many people making strange gestures and faces at him made me think of people navigating our small roads and how strange and scary they probably feel to city folk.

He is also about to embark on his first solo foreign (working) holiday abroad and if he makes it to the airport let alone an airoplane I will be amazed.

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Meanwhile little, or not so little brother( considering he towers over the rest of us). Has sadly once again made his annual visit to A& E. One year, just one year without having this would be lovely. You would think that after 16 years he would have learnt to be a bit more careful. His mountain bike he worked all the hours over the summer holidaysfor is now sitting  gathering dust whilst he recovers from a football injury.

I am a very proud mum though and delighted with where both my boys are at the moment. how far they have come and the exciting plans that they both have for their futures.

I’m certain in my thinking that part of their love for adventure and the outdoors has to be put down to a childhood of holidays in the amazing place that is Assynt.

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