A weekend in Assynt, waves, wildlife and wind

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A baby badger out on the prowl

A wild weekend in Assynt.
Well, what a wild and windy weekend we had this past week. Heading up the road to the chalets on Friday night. We stopped to let this wee chap cross the road in front of us. Spent ages watching him snuffling about for ages before wandering off into the dark.
We woke to a beautiful morning. Before to long the sun was out and we ranted briefly about the weather forcast prediction of gale force winds. This information had made us last minute cancel the weekends agenda of fitting Tarkas new patio doors. So  got out the paint brushes instead.
So fooled by mother nature!
Wind and rain commencing before any paint had a chance to even start to dry. Bringing an almost comic set of us running madly to try and find things to protect said items. The rest of the day was spent pottering with small but just as essential jobs. New curtains hung, little bits & bobs fixed indoors.
We also had to rescue a poor toad who had fallen and was trapped in a drain. Broken drain covers now replaced to prevent this rehappening, especially right now. All the toads are very actively in the midst of mating season. For being pretty rare creatures they are certainly in plentiful supply around this area at this time of year.
The gales picked up dramatically over night, the howling and roaring waking us up in the middle of the night sounding like some demented beast as we lay snug and cosy. So thankful that we had new walls and roofs to protecting us.
The morning bringing still more rain though it had eased a little, the wind had almost completly dropped warenting a wander over to the bay to carry out my favourite pasttime – wave watching. Still quite impressive so could only imagine the size they must have been through the night. The beauty of this place never dissapears just changes depending on mother natures mood.
Image may contain: ocean, sky, water, cloud, outdoor and nature  Image may contain: ocean, water, sky, outdoor and nature

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