Stoer Bay Chalets, Self catering, Beaches, Rainbows and beautiful skies

Just about all reclad

Stoer Bay Chalets, Self catering, Beaches, Rainbows and beautiful skies.
Its been a very busy winter once again at Stoer Bay chalets.
With both Mijbil & Edal almost completly reclad. Just 1 porch to finish, some facings round doors and windows and a couple of snags and all done…..sounds so easy on paper!

Not to be left out Tarka’s new patio dooors have arrived, so thats the next job already waiting, no rest for the wicked!

It has been a unfeasably mild winterthis year, which, as much as I love the snow, has helped us tremendously in even managing to get all this outside work done. We are just grateful that we didnt do this job last winter. That would have been a whole different story.
We also had some lovely friends up for a visit last weekend. They hadn’t been up since we first bought the chalets 15 months ago. It definatly helped us feel on track seeing their faces at the changes since their last visit.
It was also lovely to sit in the evening and chill with a few wee drinks and relax in a place that is so special to us and share it with such good friends.
The warmer weather has of course brought with it the inevitable rain but this brings its own beauty in the form of rainbows.
But, this is the west coast of Scotland, we are not going to let a wee bit of rain stop things from getting done! Apart from stopping to take photos of course.

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A beautiful mornings double rainbow over the Bay

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The early morning sun creaping round to the bay.

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