Autumn in Stoer Bay, Assynt

With Autumn most definatly here in Assynt, The NC500 route quieting down a little and the nights getting shorter it was time to leave our summer home in our caravan and return to weekend stays in one of our chalets ….oh the luxury of a proper bed again.

Rollers coming into the bay

It was a delight to once again sit at night and watch the moon shimmering across the loch and even better to wake up first thing and wander through to the kitchen to spot a Heron fishing from the chalet shoreline and though the otter has still remained elusive to us, he was spotted twice by guests this week. Once on the loch and once at the bottom of the burn on the Bay. Loving learning the variations in wildlife on our own wee spot of Assynt.
We were also very grateful to be snug in Mijbil when a sudden down pour of hail came down on Sunday morning followed by a short but torrential rain shower. One of our guests was not so lucky in his dog walk timing, though wrapped up in waterproofs he didnt look like he minded too much. Following this was a stunning rainbow and then beautiful sunshine for the rest of the day.

Rainbow over Stoer Bay

The Autumn storms from last week are still seeing some big waves rolling into the bay and all the other beaches along Assynt and the northern coastline and it was easy to hear the waves rumbling over the stones on Stoer Bay whilst tucked up in bed at night. Sadly it is also bringing in so much debris onto the shore that was a bit disheartening at first after valantly keeping the bay as clear of litter as possible over the summer, but the bug is there and we couldnt resist afew wanders with black bags in pockets until we had cleared it all again….until next time.  Seeing all thats washed up really does bring home the huge problem we have of not just plastic but all sorts of debris floating in our sea. So glad there is now a growing awareness and all over the world people are trying to protect our seas from further pollution.


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