Heavenly Assynt Mint

Having a tidy up along the shore line of Loch an Aigeil
Busy raking up some windblown reeds. Having a rummage around the base of the magnificent Rock face that borders one side of the chalet grounds.
I was delighted to notice all sorts starting to grow.
The daffies are of course just about ready to open up and show of their happy sunny faces.
There are also some  hardy primroses with their delicate pale creamy yellow flowers growing in small clusters along the base of the rocks as well as up on some of the grass ledges on the rock face itself. Lots of green leaves from Iris’s too, close to the Loch side.
My favourite find though, has too be the mint, yes, I know it can take over an area quicker than a blink of an eye, but its still  has to be up there as one of my favourite herbs.
There are so many different uses from this plant..
From cookery, to the many many health benefits.
Even if just left to grow you can’t beat the smell of it, especially after a rain shower, which seems to enhance its fragrance even more.
I can also already clearly visualise a pan of new potatoes simmering away in boiling water infused with mint leaves. Served with butter melting over the top of them beside some beautiful lamb chops with some homemade mint sauce.
Maybe I could start a wee business on the side – Assynt mint produce!

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