Its a birds life

Sun shining over Easter here at the chalets.  Lots of bird activity going on on Loch an Aigeil. Two of our annual visiting Greylag geese seem to love it here so much. They have not left with the rest of their pals.
Never having had the opportunity to see these geese so close up before. I was surprised at how much smaller they look than I expected. Though then spying them heading straight towards me through a chalet window with wings fully out soon changed my mind!
Wow, what huge wingspans they have. I admit holding my breath, sure they were going to crash straight into the chalet. Only for them to suddenly land so gracefully with hardly a ripple into the loch.
My only other goose experiences have not been so pleasant.
Memories of visiting my grandad in Glen Doll, Angus,  where he was the Youth Hostel warden. In the morning we would head down to the farm at the bottom of the road with the milk churn ( yes, I’m THAT old!) to get milk fresh from the farmers cow for our cereal. They had a goose that on at least one occasion had me and my siblings scurrying up the nearest tree  too terrified to come down, with Mrs Brown, the farmers wife laughing her head off coming to our rescue. Telling us tales of the horrors a goose could do to us if it really wanted to! Despite this we were sorry when our milk run had to stop due to new laws which meant we couldn’t get our milk fresh straight from the cow any more.
After only a short spell of watching the Greylags, geese have certainly won a new found respect from me….still wary of those farm yard ones though!
Dragging ourselves away from bird watching we had a very industrious time, new windows fitted to Mijbil & Edal’s bedrooms, more plastering, sanding & painting done. An overgrown rockery cleared and replanted. We will hopefully have the final of the 3 shower rooms completed this weekend too, yaaaah.
Meanwhile by now Ben had decided he had done enough work.  So he recovered with a wee spot of fishing on the Loch. No luck this time, pity a  brown trout would have been just the job for tea.

Greylag geese visiting the chalets

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